Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sticks and things

I didn't feel well today. I drank too much last night. I know, I should not have and I do know better, but it still happens from time-to-time.

The wind is mean here, like hurricane mean every other month during the winter. It blew over 2 tractor trailer trucks in December and we loose shingles every winter.

We are out of kindling.

Granny Miller encouraged me to go pick up sticks, as she does even in the winter for kindling. She didn't really tell me to but her blog post inspired me to. I knew it would make me feel better, accomplish something needed, and I bet I could find my lost tarp.

girls sun bathing, it was actually quite warm today
the more you have the more you have to fix
compost drifts
little girl's snow gun
my neighbor's house...I like it so much because they built from scratch and added as they could bank loan for them
other daughter enjoying helping me pick up sticks, we had fun
and there's my tarp! along with my garbage in my neighbor's field
our wonderful Jet Sled that was empty when we left, we found lost treasures, garbage and lots of sticks

this didn't look drifted until I was falling through, I love how it cracks
 Country Jane, feeling better


Linda said...

For some reason, I find a glass of milk,french fries and a burger to be the best cure for a hangover. My former coworkers and I discovered this when we found ourselves unlucky enough to have to work on Saturdays. A real burger though...not a fast food one!

Country Jane said...

Thanks, Linda. I felt much better after I ate, and after the walk it was even better. I'm so stupid that I do that still sometimes.

Leigh said...

"The more you have the more you have to fix". Ain't that the truth!

Love the photos. :)

Andrea said...

love your photos, the two little girls look cute. I lived in Canada for 4 1/2 years, part of that time I lived in Manitoba and it looked just like that most time of the year. It was so cold!