Friday, March 11, 2011

Men and shopping

I am a brave woman.

I sent my husband to Costco today.

We hardly get into Anchorage anymore because of the time mostly. Yes, gas is getting pricey, but I just don't have time to give up a whole day which is what I end up doing if I go in.

When I had my 4th child my husband still worked in Anchorage and he began to start going to Costco for us once per week. This was about 9 years ago now and so he's had lots of practice, I've learned what he needs from me and not to be upset if he comes home with the wrong item. After all he spent all day shopping for ME I can handle using, giving away or returning something I don't want. It was a real struggle at first, but we have found our groove. Here are the requirements he has for me:

-I must provide a DETAILED list...what brand, how many, which size, etc. He used to have me email the list to his phone so that he'd have it right there no paper needed. Today I wrote out a list and sent coupons.
-I must be next to the phone. If he is going to shop for me he expects me to be there available for him to ask questions. I would/will get between 3 and 10 calls. He hates bringing home the wrong thing as much as I do. He likes to please me and does not like to see my "annoyed" face.
-The kids must be ready when he comes home. He HATES coming home after a day of work and then shopping to a home where he is ignored. I don't blame him, I don't either. Kids go and unload the car, I try to remember to say hello and thank him, I tell them where to put things.

Tomorrow he is taking his mother and my brother-in-law over to the Mormon canning place to get about $100 worth of canned goods (rice & sugar) and a couple of 25lb bags of rice. We have a community group that my neighbor created for us there and so my husband agreed to be the point man on that along side our neighbor so that our friends and family that are interested, can go and purchase food and/or can food in their facility. It's a great opportunity and I would encourage anyone who can get their foot in the door at one to do so. He'll be in charge of setting the date for us all to go, collecting the orders from our friends and submitting them to the cannery about 3 weeks ahead of time in order to get the food up here in time. Men are asked to come and can since there is a lot of heavy pour the goods into the cans and bags and the women can seal them up. This will be his second time going and I still have not gone. I would like to at some point, but my kids can't go so I'll take the day off. He and B.I.L. will go there and then onto the gun show that's in town and have a good man day.

Note on man days: They are very important! Let them go have fun, don't make them feel guilty for spending some time away from you and the house. They need a breather from the women folk and kids sometimes...especially if you're a nag.

Country Jane, happy wife


Lynda said...

My husband loves doing the shopping. We follow almost the same plan as you: detailed list (sometimes I have the grand kids glue pictures of the items ;) and I keep my phone right next to me...he can shoot pictures of the item in question via his cell phone. It's kinda' funny...but I'm so very glad he's the shopper: I HATE shopping.

Country Jane said...

Haha, we have not done pictures, but I suppose when he finally gets a new phone he probably will. He usually wants to know if I want the cheapest or name brand item and it depends on the item.

Linda said...

One thing about my husband is he sticks to the list. Great, he gets whatever I want, but....he doesn't think to just have a look at the sales items too. Its because he doesn't manage the kitchen so has no clue how my mind works. I've learned appreciate that he is willing to go when I'm too busy or tired.

Country Jane said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. He asked yesterday if he could pick up shrimp and I said, "SURE!" Normally he'll bring home good snacks or meat, hehe. I don't mind as he is the money guy now.

Anonymous said...

I have had people say, "he is gone at work everyday, why does he need a break from the kids and family?" I'm sorry, but work is not personal time!!! Men need their time alone just like we do. I enjoy sitting at home crochetting with no one to bother me, my husband likes to go to gun shows, and shooting. I enjoy my alone time just as much as the next person, but not as much as I would have like to spend teaching my sis to crochet :)

Country Jane said...

lol, thanks sis...;)