Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cat fights

I'm having such a hard time with two specific women right now. It's been one of them for a while now but today it's the other one more. I'm trying so hard to bite my tongue. But my head is spinning with angst over these two. I want to call the one up right now and tell her what I think about bailing on something I think she should be doing. But my husband (wisely) told me not to and that I would only cause a rift between us and it won't help a thing. ARGH! So I sit and spit and fester and boil.

Just lemme at her! I know it won't solve anything, I know I won't feel better...well maybe a little smug, that feels better. Grr, his, spit.

Country Jane, hackles up


Linda said...

Totally understand! I am also having a problem with two women. I tried to talk to one about it and she pretended nearly cried so I had to stop! Now I'm angry that shevwould rather manipulate me than just deal!
But some have no choice, you either take it or put some distance between you. Can you do that?

Country Jane said...

I have to work with the crying manipulative kind now because she's in charge and the mean bitchy one quit... It's just a pain. I can distance myself from the mean one, but I'm upset with her for saying that the other one is un-reliable when she's just as un-reliable herself.

Country Jane said...

Thanks to my awesome sister (who is the only person I know who knows about this blog) she casually brought it up in conversation with said mean person today and said mean person happily understood where we were coming from and agreed to follow through with said task. God is good and I'm really the mean person. I'm so glad my husband told me not to call (and glad I obeyed, hehe.)