Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pretty things

Yes, I love pretty things and bright colors, who doesn't.

I went to Chinamart (Wal-Mart) the other day in search of our special Alaskan brand of seeds that are produced in Anchorage. I was antsy to get them at least even if I can't plant them out 'till June.

I saw these $2.50 pots that were so cute and decided to get myself 3 for my kitchen so I could grow Basil and Oregano inside this year. Basil hates Alaska as do tomatoes.

I realized I could get some for my mom and MIL for mother's day too and plant some herbs for them as well. (reason this is in my private blog and not regular) $7.50 and some dirt and time sounds like a good price to me for those gifts.

The next day onions went on sale to .50 per lb so I got a 50 lb bag as I just ran out of my last bag. It seemed the right way to display both the pots and some of the onions.

Country Jane, onion hoarder

would Martha Stewart be impressed? who cares


Linda said...

Thats a very nice photo! Love it.
Are you saying that you do not grow tomatoes????
I once grew them indoors believe it or not. Didn't have a yard at the time. Put them in a window sill and couldn't stake them so they spread like monsters.LOL! there is a spray that pollinates them you can buy, just in case you are interested:)

Country Jane said...

You have to grow them in a greenhouse and we have not sprung for one of those yet. Our friends set up a row house last year and I tried that and got about 3 cherry tomatoes from the plant they gave me. It's pretty pitiful! I buy all my tomato sauce and canned tomatoes. :p

Country Jane said...

Yes, I did grow them inside one year, but even staked they are monsters. I can't handle them taking over my dining room for the whole summer...I have a dream greenhouse planned in my head off the side of the house so I can heat it in early spring and not neglect it as I'm afraid I would because I don't like to go outside much until it starts to thaw.