Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A blustery day in the country

Well I suppose since I’m claiming the title of being “country” (simply was taken) I should list the “country-ish” things I did today…

I found out that I messed up a customer’s order and had to hand deliver goods to them…
Took the youngest two with me ‘cause they were TERRIBLE this morning (had colds, but still just crying like crazy!) while hubby stayed home to teach the older kids history.
Hit a thrift shop and picked up 12 Atlas mason jars (from pasta sauce) I think they are just as good? And a turkey fryer pot, brand new, huge that I’ll keep for another large soup pot. Also a cute blue bucket with a lid I’ll probably use for compost.
Got the girls icecream cones.
Went to the “country” grocery store as they stock up on Costco goods and other great stuff, a little pricey on some things but they have the chicken food AND rice there and with two grumpy girls one stop can’t be beat. I got both and extra groceries. I wanted to take a picture of the rusty metal traps and snares they had on an end cap in the hunting dpt right across from the bread isle. Pretty cool.
I returned the movies to Blockbuster and called the older kids to get them back on track with chores and school ‘cause when mama’s gone it’s PLAYTIME!!!
I bought tobacco at the shop for hubby’s pipe.
Got our cash for these next 2 weeks out of the bank.
Took dinner to a friend who just had a baby.
Parked the car at home and since the girls were sleeping I took a nap too. Hubby tapped on the window to say that gas was expensive…but my thought in my head is “sleeping girls are priceless” and went back to sleep.

I guess that wasn’t all that country after all I spent a lot of the day in town. Oh well.

Country Jane, sleepy

awesome pic, this is what the snow looks like after the wind today


Teresa said...

Certainly sounds like a busy day.

Country Jane said...

Haha, well, not really. I never get naps, so that was refreshing. Thursdays and Fridays are insane, I don't even have time to write blogs those days. Not unless I'm neglecting something else anyway...hehe.