Monday, July 4, 2011


Last week my neighbor expressed interest in buying one of our boy goats. She came over with her children and they played with him. He's very sweet, he's been our bottle baby and cuddly.

My husband and I had made the decision that we would sell the boys as bucks but if they didn't sell we'd butcher them once winter hit and try goat meat. The thing was, was that I just couldn't bear letting this little guy get butchered, so I was willing to sell him as a wether (castrated) and ask much less for him because he wouldn't procreate.

Neighbor liked the goat, but they didn't want goats for dairy, just for fun, he husband didn't like goat's milk and her aunt breeds mini cows in another state, so they'd probably end up with a cow. I brought her in the house to have a glass of milk. I had just had some cereal that morning and this jar was especially un-goaty. She was impressed. I took her into the milking shed and brought in a doe, she milked her a little into a jar. We filtered the milk and she took it home, chilled it and gave it to her husband. He liked it!

So they decided to buy my cutie boy and a doeling from the breeder I got my does from. Happy day!

Yesterday someone called on the bucks I had for sale on Craigslist and wanted to come right over and see them. He really wanted two pets and to have them eat all the weeds on his 2.5 acers on the mountain in Farm Town. So I told him that I would wether them for him and he could have them for less than my asking price. He liked that better and wanted the 2 brothers that were left. Gave me the cash and left me to do the deed on the boys and he'd get them later in the week.

Today we took our new doeling and the two boys for their "procedures" to a neighbor farm where she and my breeder did the deeds. New doeling got her tattoo for tomorrows goat show she'll be in (and win). And the boys were elastrated. That's pretty rotten. Our cutie boy was cut last week and we prefer that method, but beggars can't be choosers, and that's the breeder's preferred method.

I know it's really not that exciting to sell a goat. But this is our first time around and it's nice to know they're all going to good families.

Country Jane, goat breeder

Have a freedom? Use it or loose it!

Lately I have realized how important this is even for little old me. Even stay-at-home moms can help.

Can you own a gun? Buy one.

Can you (still) grow your own food? Try to.

Can you homeschool your kids? Do it.

Can you (still) speak out against this tyranny of a government? Then speak.

Can you think for yourself? Think.

Our freedoms are being taken from us at an alarming rate.

Some states still have the freedom to own guns, some to carry concealed, some to carry open. If you have that freedom but don't exercises it, why? Why should you? I have learned that when I practice a freedom many of my friends tend to follow suit. Not because of me, but because they see..."hey, if she can do it, I can too!" I never cared about guns in particular, but when my girlfriend got a cute little pistol and carried it her purse I thought, "hey, I want one too". Now that I own my own cute little pistol I want to carry it concealed...because I can. My husband has wanted a machine gun for a while. Guess what? They are LEGAL, just very expensive because kind President Reagan decided they needed to stop making them. Well? I think I'd like one...maybe I'll start saving my pennies.

Some states, like ours, have the freedom to FREELY homeschool. But look at what happens when that carrot is whipped out by those peskey school districts who get government funding for every extra kid they have in their district. They offer the free computer and the free money to sign up those "homeschooled" kids so those parents don't have such a burden. But it's our FREEDOM to homeschool with no strings attached. So we choose to practice that freedom. The unfortunate thing is that it will be short lived. Those other "homeschooling" families aren't really homeschooling. They are taking that carrot and getting the lessons and books paid for. Their restrictions are getting stricter each year and again they will try to pass legislation against free homeschooling. They won't care, it's no skin off their back.

Can you grow your own food? That will be short lived as well. There's a brand new council that President Obama created including top men from all the departments including Homeland security, etc that will oversee the farms of the "heartland". The implications of the government oversight on all farmers is insanely scary. They want to be able to take over farms if you aren't doing something right. But they want your food. They want control. They are in bed with the big boys.

Think. This requires no TV and you have to choose where you get your information. Then you have to form your own conclusions. You have to educate yourself. You have to look at the facts. This hurts your brain, I'm warning you. But it's still legal, so do it.

Can you speak out? Granny Miller is shutting down her blog and I'm so bummed. If you can speak out and help others do it. I respect Granny on many many levels and she has the freedom to shut hers down, but I'm not sure I agree with her choice. Having a blog is still legal, have one.

Be proactive. Be free. Practice freedom. Look for new freedoms you don't currently use but might like to have one day and practice it NOW, or it will be gone tomorrow.

Country Jane, Happy 4th of July

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Busy bees

Stream of thought tonight after a long productive week... starting Saturday night...

Saturday: Friends came out for a nice long visit. I made them stay longer by making eggs and smoked salmon for lunch and then some salmon and my sister's roasted potatoes for dinner. Made a new hay feeder for our goat kids, neighbor stopped by to talk and I asked him if he had time to plow some field for some potatoes, he came by 5 min later and plowed a nice spot. Sunday: Planted a bunch of potatoes. Also planted a dozen new strawberry plants in a new spot. Took kids to the lake, then hubby took us all to the movies.

Monday: chores and work then headed to Little City. Hit feed store, Alfalfa lady for 3 bales, horse shop for DD's new riding boots and helmet, Costco, and my mom's to say happy birthday.

Tuesday: chores and work then built the Walls for the bike shed I'm making for the kids.

Wednesday: chores and work. Took DD to riding lesson and ran errands. Sister's house for dinner. Cleaned out hay shed, fixed broken hay feeder and added more flooring (pallets) to keep the hay and straw from molding on the bare ground.

Thursday: some chores and work. Took DD to her first Orthodontist visit, ran errands including going to the apple tree lady's house and bought 6 Alaskan hardy one to two year old trees. Planted them in a rush and took son to soccer game. Went on a date with hubby. Had fun.

Friday: chores and work. Went to Farm Town with my friend and found the barley man's house. Bought 600lbs of barley. Ran errands. Dropped other daughter with other Grandma for the night and met up with a farmer who was hoping to bale his hay. It was too wet to do the whole field but he let me buy 3 damp bales so we split them open when I got home. Sis dropped of her boys for my son to babysit for their date. Finished the apple trees, put hardware "cloth" around the base of them all for vole protection. Weeded 2 LARGE strollers full of weeds from the front flower's not finished. Watered the rhubarb and strawberries. Came in when it was 11pm, still light but youngest daughter was fussy. Just ate a cheese curd my husband made. He's been making cheese for the last 4 hours...

It's midnight thirty...I'd better get the rest of these kids in bed and go get in my own.

Country Jane, tuckered out

apple trees, mouse protected