Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's a hard knock life

Life changes so quickly from great to hard in such a short time, it amazes me every time. It's only when it's hard again that you kick yourself for not being thankful for the good.

Last Tuesday I was enjoying the sun, working hard outside getting things ready, fixing my fence, dinner in the oven. Life was good.

My life is good. Even after this weekend and all that's happened I know God loves me.

Friday my oldest was turning 13. My mother had taken her the day before so she could overnight, they baked her cake, decorated it and would bring it home. When I was talking to my mom at around 2pm about the days plans I began to bleed. This was not good, I'm pregnant. Very newly, but I have never bled during a pregnancy until now. My husband was home so he called the midwife and she said we don't know what's actually happening so to lay low. He "ordered" me to bed where I proceeded to cry mainly because I had too much to do to have this happen. I also cried because we have already told many people and I couldn't bear the thought to un-tell them. NOW I get why everyone who has miscarried waits to announce it. I cried and slept while the hubbub of the house went on outside my bedroom door. My sis and her family still came over for the bbqed shrimp dinner my husband was now hosting alone. He told my mom but nobody else, and she peeked in on me and gave me a hug.

After the company left we had the kids come to our room to open presents on my bed. We told our oldest that she'd be getting a new baby Lamancha kid (goat) since she has done so well milking this year. I've wanted a Lamancha anyway, they are great milkers and there are some available at my preferred breeders. The plan is to take her out and pick out the one she likes.

My mom called and said they would be coming out to the lake very close and staying at my uncle's vacation cabin and that they could take the kids. Wow. Awesome. My mom is pretty amazing sometimes. The got the 5 younger ones, the oldest wanted to stay home and play with her new Lego set (she asked for it, really). Also she likes alone time when she can get it...who doesn't?

When the kids left, it was hubby's turn to crumble. He very kindly asked me what I would like and I requested my favorite pizza, so he took oldest to town, they went on a little date and picked up the pizza. Thank God for good pizza in times of need.

Next day was decent. Gorgeous out. My dad brought out the new glass patio door that we had ordered and installed it that day since they were nearby. It is very nice. I told my sister what was going on and she came over and planted my garden in about 2 hours. It would have taken me much longer any day of the week. That girl is fast.

My mom said she'd keep the kids another night so we decided to head to the ER that evening to get an ultrasound and see what was going on.

On the way to the ER the van broke down. We thought it was the water pump, but found out yesterday it's the head gasket.

Our neighbor came out and picked us up and a tow truck brought the van back to our new mechanic's shop who just happens to live across the street. We went to the ER, the doctor said that because the bleeding is not heavy, there's no cramping and I'm not in pain he wasn't willing to call in the Ultrasound tech. He did his own checks and concluded that I was probably still pregnant, just bleeding.

We were chipper after the visit, nice people in good moods that night. We went to an old favorite restaurant in the neighboring town and ate breakfast at 2am. It was good.

At 8:30am my parents called. Our 5-yr-old had puked all night, 20 times to be exact. Can they bring her home? Yes please. Hubby went to church and I stayed home with puker. She puked about 10 more times during that day and was finally done. That was rough. She got a fever that night and was delirious on Monday but is much better today.

Monday was another beautiful day where I wasn't allowed to do much work. Brother-in-law came over to help with the fence, and hubby stepped up big time and did a few things that I'd been wanting him to do. He even planted my new raspberry plants. I had to tell him what to do. It was fun.

Tuesday we were more than ready to go in for the ultrasound at our normal tech's office. She couldn't tell. She didn't give us much hope, but she couldn't say for sure. Off to the midwife for the 2nd round of blood testing. The ER took the first test and the second test should show if my hormone levels are going up or down.

Wednesday. Midwife was at a birth all night on Tuesday and didn't have the proper paperwork to compare blood tests. But it appears my hormones are dropping.

The priest and his family that I talked about before is moving to Alaska. Alaska, I tell you, here to us. To take care of us. I'm glad, 'cause we need it.

Country Jane, loved

Eugène Carrière’s “The Sick Child” 1885

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LindaM said...

I'm so sorry to hear about all of this. Its great that you have such a dear family around you. Please keep us updated and know that I'm praying for you.