Monday, May 23, 2011

Country Festival

Over the weekend our small parish put on a country style spring festival. It was a blast.

We had a rat race, pie eating contest, balloon dart game, bean bag toss, fish pond, country store, barbecue, old fashioned sodas, potato sack race, cupcake bake off and more. In a parish with only about 15 families we have about 50 children, this was for them and to help pay down our parish hall we have been building. The kids had a blast and it brought back great memories of when I was a kid and we'd have a harvest festival every year at my church where I grew up. We raised a bunch of money and best of all us adults had a ton of fun.

It amazes me that in such a small community like ours how much talent you have packed into such a small space. I don't know if it's because of where we live or what, but it's there. Almost everyone is self employed, me included. My husband works for a larger company to pay our bills, but here is the talent in our parish. We have 3 contractors who have or have had their own business. A cleaning business. A bakery. An auto body shop. A new mechanic shop (across the street from me, how awesome is that?!). A candle making business. An artist who teaches (and did face painting). A pilot/airplane mechanic. A music teacher (many instruments). An electrician. A plumber. A science and English teacher couple. A mailbox business. An upcoming assisted living home mainly to house a fellow in our parish. Some very creative minds who organized our event. Two nurses. Computer programmer/repairman. Multiple hunters. Multiple talented homeschool/regular moms who sew/knit and or also have small homesteads, garden, animals, etc. Many of the men have regular 9-5 jobs to support their family, but share their talent where and when it's needed. This does not even include the various friends that live around me who have talents of their own but don't attend our parish, but still share their talents when needed. This place attracts a certain type and I have yet to figure it out or put my finger on it. We love Alaska and we love our church and we love each other. We have made a strong bond and have had many trials to test that bond. Because of that it's made us stronger.

Country Jane, enjoying country life

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