Saturday, June 4, 2011

The dirt jar

A few years ago my husband was in WA helping a friend in his garden. He found a little brown jar. He brought it home to me because he knows I'm crazy about old things especially jars and things that hold other things.

So I put it in my bathroom still dirty but "rustic" with it's rusted lid and cute little self. I've let my bathroom be my "country" room as my dear husband can't handle the whole house being "country". He's a computer geek and would prefer that we have a Star Trek themed we have to find a compromise.
Tonight I bought more country storage containers to put stuff in (see my weakness?) for my bathroom and I took the jar off the shelf to dust it off and I took the jar of M&Ms off so I could clean the shelf. And I thought "Duh, the cute jar can hold M&Ms!" So I tried for the first time taking the lid off and lots of dirt came out. I went to clean the jar but it had ewey gooey stuff inside, gross what was in here? While the jar was soaking I started scrubbing the rusted lid and some color and words appeared. Vaseline! What do you know. The jar belongs in the bathroom.
Newly cleaned jar.

New home of the potty reward M & Ms.
Country Jane, container collector


Leigh said...

Oh Jane, I have the exact same weakness! I can never resist a container store, and especially poking around through glassware at the thrift stores. And I love baskets! And wood boxes! Isn't container collecting the best of hobbies?

Country Jane said...

Wood boxes!!! Even milk crates, I nab them up when and where I can. I even have a hard time throwing away beer boxes. Baskets, yes! Cans with lids, pretty bags. I even bought a cool holder to hold my gift bags. I think it's the best collection you could have. Functional and cute. You have to see what I just bought to mount on my walls, your jar pictures inspired me! Will post when I'm finished.