Monday, June 6, 2011

New name?

When buying goats I realized that we needed a "herd" name. Therefore our little "homestead" needed a name. I thought of one, but am still not used to it.

Today I finished the front part of the fence along the road on the first acre (we have a whopping two acres). This fence is going to get the better of me, and in some ways has already. I started with grandiose plans, but three years later I find myself stuck in the middle of an un-ending chore.

It's a long story and I don't think I'm up for telling it tonight, but if I call my farm "Crooked Fence Ranch" then it would look like my fence was supposed to be crooked.......right?

Country Jane, twisted er crooked

the next part to be re-done...they have been pulled and holes re-dug, now to get them in line and set...BLEK!


Lynda said...

RIGHT! Great attitude! By the way...I'm on year 3 of my fence, too...what a pain in the patooty!

Leigh said...

I like it! It's charming, original, and picturesque. We've been working on a herd name as well, especially because we want to register our Kinders and hence a herd name is required. I have to wait for approval before I can announce it. We had to submit three just in case our first choice was already taken!

Jenny said...

I like crooked fence ranch. Twisted fence ranch sounds a bit sketchy though.

Country Jane said...

LOL, yes...I'm the twisted one, the fence is the crooked one. Got a pic on here...sort of. After a few days the fence dosen't look so bad, I think if we paint it it'll look better.