Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New addition to the family

My daughter turned 13 this year and she has been begging for years to get a puppy.

So I decided to get her a goat.

This spring has been rough with having two does in milk but not enough milk. When I bought them last June they were giving 2 gallons a day, but that's because I didn't bring any kids home to feed the milk to. We got all of it, and it was a lot to handle. But I miss the plethora. I want to make cheese again and even just yogurt.

I had originally chosen LaMancha for the breed of choice, but she didn't have any in milk and I didn't want to start with kids. I wanted to be forced into the hardest part of owning goats...to milk 2x per day.

We bought the Nubians because they were good quality pure breeds and I didn't want to start with mixed...and, well, that's what she had. I paid more than I'd expected to pay, but this breeder was highly recommended. She tested her herd clean every year, did all the shows, and knew a lot and she brings up quality goats from out of state.

Back to my story.

Daughter wants to breed dogs, so I figured we'd get a high quality LaMancha and she can breed that. I'm set up for goats and would like more milk next summer. LaManchas produce quantity for a long time. I'm so not up for puppies and more dogs. Not a dog fan...

daughter with her holy shirt

LaMancha's just aren't as cute as Nubians

But I'm sure she'll grow on me.
Country Jane, fan of goats

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Leigh said...

So cute! (But I agree, LaMancha's aren't as cute as Nubians. ;)