Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Picking up where I left off

Today my "friend" reminded me how much I adore quilting. I used to be an avid quilter and would make many small or a couple large during the winters. The last few, however, are full of schooling children, blogging and keeping up with my business.

The rain was currently falling and what a better project to work on than an unfinished quilt? I long to go out and work on the fence this time of year but the kids are still finishing up school, getting chores done, and dinner has to be made. My free afternoons, however, have been getting rained out!

my new passion with quilting is to try to put a dent into my huge fabric collection and to not buy new fabric, blue won with the most inventory so it was next on the list

put the pieces together to see what I got

decided to make it bigger so I spread out

photo of our neighbors and our mountains courtesy of my daughter
 By the time I sorted through my other things and decided what to work on the sun had re-appeared and was perfect for fence building...but too late. Sewing is spread out, son is still working on school and so I'm hooked for the evening.

Country Jane, content

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