Tuesday, May 10, 2011

On organizing sewing projects

Someone inspired me today to pull out an old project, but in looking I found the others that are waiting for the day that they are more important or more fun. It's probably a no-brainer to everyone out there but I hate to stop working on a sewing project and then toss it to the wolves (aka a bin full of other junk). It makes it so un-appealing to get something back out again to work on it. You forget what you were doing, what measurements you needed, where are those instructions? Why is it so dusty? Where's the rest of the fabric?

top left: fabric that I like I've already made a purse from, top middle: a quilt started by my great great grandmother I need some embroidery work done before I can finish, right: a denim circle quilt with the coffee can lid template and instructions for when I get more jeans to cut up

a picnic basket that I use to hold fabric my mother gave me and has been an ongoing hand quilting project for the kids to have something to do when I'm sewing...should be a nice lap quilt some day
My favorite sewing storage bags are the ones you get sheets and curtains in at the store. They sometimes have a label holder even. To me the better looking it is in that package the more likely I'll get it out later to work on it. I keep them (the ones that didn't escape to "that safe place" land) inside a nice large box/basket that sits patiently in my living room.

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