Friday, April 8, 2011


Yes, I love and am currently drinking wine. My husband likes to make it too.

I'm also listening to my Nubian goat humming on the baby monitor. She's at day 145 ready to kid anytime in our garage.

Today we had a blizzard, that sucked but the coffee tasted good and the fire was great...what a treat after not having one for a month because we're almost out of wood.

My girlfriend is having such a hard time in her life and it kills me. I can't rescue her...she has to do that herself. It makes me appreciate my husband and how supportive he is in what we/I do. I would not have such a grand life if not for him and our life we made.

Country Jane, wine anyone?


LindaM said...

What kind of wine does your husband make? I'm trying to find time to make a rose petal one, but that requires focus, which I don't have today.
Good luck to your friend. I hope she knows that she is lucky to have a caring friend in you.

Country Jane said...

Linda, He's made rhubarb (our favorite), banana, cranberry and milk wine (forget the name). The rhubarb is hard to mess up, he's done the sweeter kind and the not sweeter kind. Alaska bootleggers bible is a good book that he usues a lot. Rose petal sounds exciting. He has the focus wich is why he makes the wine and better cheese.

Today my friend is upset with me for being too honest yesterday and thinks I'm wrong on some things... she's so fragile and very stubborn. It's hard.