Thursday, April 28, 2011

No apology

I realize that many or most of you don't follow my blog because I'm an Orthodox Christian but because of my goals in the world of "urban homesteading" or such things.

A huge part of who I am, however, is being an Orthodox Christian. I thought, just now, that I'd come on here and "apologize" for the last post that you all probably haven't a clue what I'm talking about, but I can't do that. It's a big part of me and our family. It does not mean that I'm all holy by any means. But, I am still learning to stand up for what I believe in but trying not to piss people off at the same time. I have also learned that pissing people off isn't always bad.

Our family is at a crossroads, spiritually, and this blog was created for the sole purpose of venting and writing about what is very important to me or simply what's pissing me off today. Only one person that I know knows about it and I'd like to keep it that way. I love the anonymity of this blog, it makes me feel free. I love being honest but I'm not always good at that, and this has proven to be good practice.

If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about when I discuss my religion and you want to know. Google it, I'm not a teacher.

Country Jane, kinda pissy (you got a problem with that??)


LindaM said...

Well, I for one understand where you are coming from. I'm not the best Christian out there, but I appreciate your point of view. I figure that if people don't like what we write about, they can stop reading. If I don't like what others are writing about, I can mind my own business and in fact should do just that.

Leigh said...

Jane, it's your blog. You have the right to create it for your own purposes and stick to it! It is frustrating when folks want to get their 2 cents in just to rock the boat. Hang in there.

Sandy said...

First time lurker at your site. Read your post on Rural Revolution. Agree totally with Linda and Leigh about this being your blog and your freedom to write whatever you want.
And, I loved your post that was so graciously put on Rural Revolution's blog. Glad to have found you and to read about places I will not be able to visit in my lifetime.
God Bless
Sandy from NC

Country Jane said...

You guys are so sweet. Thanks for your kind words.

Shy Wolf said...

No reason to ever have to apologize for your faith, Jane. To me that seems much akin to denying Christ and not worth the heartache or anguish.
As to readers who might object to your mentioning your beliefs- they can leave the page, go elsewhere, not bother coming back. Besides, if they're gonna whine about it, you've gotta be doing some good to cause the conviction in their heart and cause them to complain. So, praise God and pass the ammo!
Personally, I have to mention God every post even if only the closing.
Bless GOd, God bless.
(chuckling) WV: adoci... is that in the liturgy?