Wednesday, April 13, 2011

TSA still groping kids...and drug testing them?

This subject is not something I have talked about on here yet, but something that has bothered me quite a bit since October when they started this. TSA, the already ridiculous money sucking time wasting joke of a security agency has the balls to go and start taking naked photos of us with an un-tested x-ray machine. Then if you don't want to go through their machine you can chose to get felt up! I don't like even watching videos of these people getting groped. Men having their sack's felt up and women's boobs being felt all around. No way!

The thing that gets my goat worst of all is the fact that we live in Alaska. I have heard people saying, "well just drive then and stop whining." Really?? Drive through Canada with 6 children, oh, but before we do that we have to get our passports! And Hawaii next year? Nope, can't really drive to HAWAII! The fact is that our beloved government (homeland security, thanks Bush) is giving our freedom the middle finger. I wonder if they started doing cavity searches people would be just fine with that too? Oh, that's ok? What about on your kids?

Country Jane, ranting

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LindaM said...

What I don't get about this video is the drug test. I mean its so ludicrous!
I won't fly but I can see where you have a problem with that as a solution. The reality is that its not really a solution because for every person who won't fly there are dozens if not more, who will.
One blogger refused both the scan and said that they could pat him down if they didn't touch his genitals or his ass. He told them that if they did, he will have them arrested. They detained him for hours. But he wasn't in a hurry.
In the end, they let him go without even a pat down. They had no legal choice.

If I ever find the link to the story, I'll pass it on to you. I think he had the real answer. "I am going to fly but you are not going to violate my rights and that is that."