Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday sewing a spring skirt

Today the sun was shining, and it was a whopping 40 degrees outside! I have hardly done any sewing this winter and the bug bit all of a sudden. I put on my flip flops and grabbed some purple linnin-ish fabric off of the shelf and searched online for "sewing a skirt on the bias". I found this website and found it very cool with helpful instructions.

I'm not much of a "follow the instructions" kind of girl and even with the coolness factor on this one I had a hard time and messed mine up.

I knew I wanted a skirt on the bias, I have two others that I bought and I realized the reason I like them so much is because they hang wonderfully because of the bias.

I started by using some cord and marking it with my waist (widest) and length. The only problem is I just didn't have enough fabric, so I had to cut it shorter. Then it was too short so I used the extra pieces to form a 4 inch ruffle for the bottom. I assembled the bottom with my 5 panels I had and the ruffle piece. Then the waist band was next. This method I found cuts a fitted t-shirt in half and you sew that on for the waist. Easy concept.

 It just didn't fit right. The color from the purple to the yellow was off and it made my belly pooch stick out (yes 6 kids do that, heck one does that). I like more fitted skirts so I decided to do the top over. Then I realized I just had too many panels to make it fitted, so I had to take that out. First I seam ripped off the bottom.

 Then I cut out the little panel 'cause it was faster.
I sewed the sides back up and decided to do the top before I put back on the bottom ruffle. I ended up leaving 2 inches open at the top and sewing on a little hidden snap closure. But as I'm wearing it now I know I'll have to re-visit this as it's still just too big on me. Perhaps I'll take in a seam or two... Finally the ruffle went back on and at around 9pm I had a skirt. Took FOREVER, but I'm still pleased as I like this style, it's flattering and I'll probably wear it for Pascha. My girls and husband also approve. :)

Country Jane, swishing


LindaM said...

That actually looks very nice on you from what I can see. I always loved bias cut skirts too but I always felt like I needed an extra hand to " fit" me in order to refine the size.

Plain and Joyful Living said...

Your skirt looks so nice and I like the ruffle too!
Thank you for sharing.
Warm wishes,

Country Jane said...

Thanks, Linda and Tonya. I really enjoyed wearing it last night, it's really amazing what the bias can do! I may have to change my skirt making ways and do it this way from now on, too bad it takes so much more fabric. Definately too big around the waist, will have to adjust before wearing it out.

Andrea said...

it turned out great!!~~ my dream is to make my own clothes!

Country Jane said...

Thanks, Andrea. You should start with skirts, they are so easy! Find a really simple pattern, like a 2 pannel A line style or a 3 tiered ruffle kind. It's about all I make, I can never get jumpers or dresses to fit me, I can make jumpers for my girls ok. Quilting is my addiction, but this year I have to work so haven't gotten to much.