Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back to Basics

What are basics?

I'm getting annoyed at people analyzing the "DIY movement" and the "self sufficient movement" and the "preppers movement", etc. For Pete's sake!

I'll tell you why I'm doing what I'm doing...I see our country going down the crapper and not much hope to right the wrongs of our so-called leaders who are in the pockets of the banking system.

I'm doing it to feed my family better food not because I care about so called "health" but because of all the shit going into the large farmed foods. This includes "healthy" grains like soy, corn and now wheat, because should we leave them the way God made them, no we need to screw with their DNA and give them all sorts of un-natural "benefits". Not to mention the chicken and beef they inject with God knows what.

I'm doing it so that when the banks crunch down harder on the middle class and try to take our home we will have a meager supply of survival/farming skills they can't take away.

I'm doing it so my kids can have some idea of how to do these things and they can choose to take it or leave it when they grow up. So that they have many chores to keep them busy instead of video games and the TV and the mall. So that I don't have to say, "go get your exercise dear" but instead I say, "go shovel the manure" and we kill two birds with one stone.

I'm doing it so that I don't feel like I'm just one more sheeple being led to the slaughter house and in order to not feel helpless like I once did.

I'm doing it so that my husband will be proud of me so that I can stand with him and not against him in this nebulous "Zombie-apocalypse" that seems to be coming. That he will have a partner not an enemy in his own home.

I'm not doing it for show. I'm not doing it to save money. I'm not doing it to make money. I'm not doing it because I hope for the Zombie-apocalypse, I don't. I'm not doing it because I think it will be easy, it sure as hell isn't.

I like my "cushy" life and my running water and my heat that I can flick on, I like my washing machine and dryer, I like Fred Meyer and going there to buy what ever I want any time of the year day or night. I like my internet and you-tube and blogger. I like Netflix and frozen pizza and really good non-homemade beer.

We may or may not ever loose these amenities. We may not ever have to fight for our lives. We may not ever need to crack open our meager supply of long-term stored food. If we don't, great! But if we do need it? We will have it. We will NOT have all the skills necessary to survive an Alaskan winter with no shelter but we will have more skills than we once had when we were only white collar, yellow bellied yuppies straight out of college.

Country Jane, zombie killer

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Red Woman said...

Great post. I feel the same way.