Saturday, December 3, 2011

I hate Google

I don't really, but they have been messing with my accounts so that every time I wish to come on and post a quick blog note it says all of this confusing mumbo jumbo that I don't understand about updating my account and changing to a new email and combining accounts, etc. So I stare blankly at the screen and then click the X button because I'm too brain dead to try to figure it out.

SO! 4 months later it's an actual lazy Saturday and I have BRAIN POWER and a hot cup of coffee, go me! I got my accounts fixed and it didn't take that long!

One of the things I wanted to talk about this summer was the loss of blogger Granny Miller. She's not dead. But after about 3 days of her site being down I emailed her (I'm such a fan I have emailed her in the past so I had her email contact info). She said that something had happened to the stored information for her blog and it would have taken a computer specialist and money to retrieve it all. She already had a clock count down for the end of this year being her last year blogging, so she decided to call it quits early.

It was pretty heart breaking for me personally, I felt like I had lost a friend. I checked Granny's blog as much as I did my facebook page. I learned so much from her in that year that I had started reading her blog, researched many of her previous posts, printed recipes and been inspired.

I have "moved on" so-to-speak realizing that I am a highly capable person and can do so much and have done so much on my own and know how to search subjects online and read books to figure things out. I basically met a real-life Granny who lives over the river and through the woods from me who has become a friend; and as a bonus she knows how to garden and farm in my state too. My husband is so much more supportive in our lifestyle choices than he had been last year. In reality our ideas on preparedness, survival, and farming are simply melding into one cohesive mutual effort and it's provided us a common interest and goal with in our marriage and family to work towards. This is only straightening our marriage. With this year's tax return we're going to be buying a Bison hand water pump for our very deep well. It will be a fun gadget to have, like our Esse cook stove is that we bought last year, and if we ever need it when the electricity goes out we'll have it ready and willing to serve us.

Country Jane, sitting pretty by the wood stove while the snow comes down!

The Esse Ironheart


LindaM said...

Wow, I didn't realize that Granny was gone for good! That is sad to hear.
But as you say, we are all capable people who used to read there. It was just nice to have somebody tell it like it is in a no nonsense, non commercial way, wasn't it?

Love the Esse stove! We are hoping to buy a wood burning stove soon too. We would have to change the footprint in our kitchen to accommodate one but that is something we really want.
Good to see you back:)

Country Jane said...

Linda, I totaly agree. I really do miss her like I miss an old honest friend.

Our stove is actually in our living room near our kitchen and central in the house. It works well as we can enjoy the fire sitting on the couch but it's close enough to use to cook a pot of broth or cook up applesauce like I did yesterday.