Monday, July 4, 2011

Have a freedom? Use it or loose it!

Lately I have realized how important this is even for little old me. Even stay-at-home moms can help.

Can you own a gun? Buy one.

Can you (still) grow your own food? Try to.

Can you homeschool your kids? Do it.

Can you (still) speak out against this tyranny of a government? Then speak.

Can you think for yourself? Think.

Our freedoms are being taken from us at an alarming rate.

Some states still have the freedom to own guns, some to carry concealed, some to carry open. If you have that freedom but don't exercises it, why? Why should you? I have learned that when I practice a freedom many of my friends tend to follow suit. Not because of me, but because they see..."hey, if she can do it, I can too!" I never cared about guns in particular, but when my girlfriend got a cute little pistol and carried it her purse I thought, "hey, I want one too". Now that I own my own cute little pistol I want to carry it concealed...because I can. My husband has wanted a machine gun for a while. Guess what? They are LEGAL, just very expensive because kind President Reagan decided they needed to stop making them. Well? I think I'd like one...maybe I'll start saving my pennies.

Some states, like ours, have the freedom to FREELY homeschool. But look at what happens when that carrot is whipped out by those peskey school districts who get government funding for every extra kid they have in their district. They offer the free computer and the free money to sign up those "homeschooled" kids so those parents don't have such a burden. But it's our FREEDOM to homeschool with no strings attached. So we choose to practice that freedom. The unfortunate thing is that it will be short lived. Those other "homeschooling" families aren't really homeschooling. They are taking that carrot and getting the lessons and books paid for. Their restrictions are getting stricter each year and again they will try to pass legislation against free homeschooling. They won't care, it's no skin off their back.

Can you grow your own food? That will be short lived as well. There's a brand new council that President Obama created including top men from all the departments including Homeland security, etc that will oversee the farms of the "heartland". The implications of the government oversight on all farmers is insanely scary. They want to be able to take over farms if you aren't doing something right. But they want your food. They want control. They are in bed with the big boys.

Think. This requires no TV and you have to choose where you get your information. Then you have to form your own conclusions. You have to educate yourself. You have to look at the facts. This hurts your brain, I'm warning you. But it's still legal, so do it.

Can you speak out? Granny Miller is shutting down her blog and I'm so bummed. If you can speak out and help others do it. I respect Granny on many many levels and she has the freedom to shut hers down, but I'm not sure I agree with her choice. Having a blog is still legal, have one.

Be proactive. Be free. Practice freedom. Look for new freedoms you don't currently use but might like to have one day and practice it NOW, or it will be gone tomorrow.

Country Jane, Happy 4th of July

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Leah S said...

I missed it (because I was moving)... Why is Granny Miller shutting down her blog? Phooey. That's how I found your blog, through her.