Friday, May 11, 2012

My fridge

Tonight as I was canning chicken broth (at midnight) I decided to clean out my fridge while I was waiting.

I realized something and it surprised and pleased me.

I have come a long way in the last few years trying this whole "self sufficient/prepper/housewife" thing... My fridge is no longer full of store bought food and condiments. It is now only partially full of those things.

Now it is mostly full of things that I made like the leftovers from last nights dinner, the relish that I grew then canned, three kinds of pickles the kids and I made, the eggs my boys collected, the milk my daughter milked, chicken that my husband hatched then raised then butchered, sauerkraut that I fermented, delicious cheese curds my daughter made, jam from the berries we picked, moose from the hunt of last fall.

It struck me when I was scraping out a jar of moldy canned (homemade) hummus that I really hated to waste this food that I worked so hard to make. I don't waste food anymore. When you work so hard to make something (not just buying it) it is then precious to you. I am better at making my kids eat all their food, and if they simply can't eat it there are the chickens, the cats, the dog (and now pigs) to happily eat it up.

I did not set out to eat healthier or organic. I set out to be a better wife, mother, teacher and homemaker. My fridge is an example of my ability to overcome my laziness. I won't tell you about the store bought ice cream in the freezer or the frozen pizza cravings I have and fill. But gradually we have made a change with out it hurting us and being far more gratifying than I had ever thought. If we can do that over a few years, what other better eating habits we will have over the next few years?!

Country Jane, feeling satisfied

My photo wouldn't upload but this is how I'm feeling tonight...
I snagged this awesome pic from Thanks!

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Practical Parsimony said...

Good job in your quest! Just please tell me you did not wear heels, a cute apron, and pretty blond curls doing your midnight refrigerator cleanout!