Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stocking up

Today I went to the store to get a few items we don't have much of. I have "bulk" cash set aside for a Costco run, but it takes so much energy so I've waited.

I'm going to use this blog for stuff I don't want my immediate friends or family knowing about so that I can't post in my other blog. I'd like this stuff more private. Don't want to have to shoot them if they come to the door to take my food or tp.

At the "regular" store today I got maxi pads...I still hate buying these, I'm so dumb. My husband reminded me that we have a bunch of girls who will menstruate some day and they'll need them too. I figure we can use some cloth if we're desperate, but maxi's aren't too expensive. Coffee filters. Spaghetti sauce, generic. Spaghetti noodles, generic. Catsup, generic. A little brown sugar, generic. A little sweetened condensed milk, a little evaporated milk, a little corn syrup (for Christmas time caramel corn), corn starch, baking powder and some powdered milk. Yes, we have goats, but there are a few months they don't produce and frankly we don't have the grain stored up to feed goats at the moment...something else we have to work on. Powdered milk is good for making yogurt (you really do kinda need it) and for cooking. Cake mixes, brownie mixes. I know these are not "necessary" but if the poop hits the fan I'd like to have easy make brownies to make me feel better. I have a cook book with brownie recipes too, so I think we're covered there.

I'm sure I got more..oh right, ice cream. Not to stock up on but to eat.

Country Jane, big shopper
I'm not really prepared, are you?


Linda said...

I'll follow you:) I also was nominated but have all of 3 followers and a handfull of comments though I really appreciate the thought.

Country Jane said...

Thanks...hehe. I don't really care. It's so nice just to write what I'm feeling.